Florida Expands Dependent Health Coverage to Age 30

The Florida dependent coverage legislation (FL SB 2534) requires health insurance carriers to provide coverage to eligible dependents who age-out of an in-force group policy. This legislation is applicable to all fully insured medical plans; however, it is not applicable to standalone products such as prescription, dental and vision plans.

The employee has the option to continue the dependent child’s coverage when he or she reaches the limiting age or during open enrollment. Eligible child dependents between ages 26 and 30 years have the option to maintain coverage up to the end of the calendar year in which the dependent reaches his or her 30th birthday, provided they meet the requirements below:

• Is not yet age 30 years.

• Is unmarried.

• Has no children.

• Is a resident of Florida or, if not a Florida resident, is a full- or part-time student at an accredited institution of higher education.

• Is not eligible for Medicare and is not covered under another group or individual medical plan.

The employee may elect to continue the dependent child’s coverage:

• When he or she reaches the limiting age.

• When he or she first becomes eligible for a reason other than reaching the limiting age (for example, the adult child becomes a full-time student in another state or returns to live in Florida after residing elsewhere), or

• During the open enrollment period.

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